Liza Jane Writes Songs That Are Haunting and Cathartic, Powered by a Rich, Sultry Voice That Provides the Emotional Honesty You’ve Been Craving…

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Liza Jane“… I was excited and inspired by the fresh and honest sound of Liza’s voice and the sheer catchiness of the songs. Great vibes.”-Simon Edwards, Bassist/Producer (Michael Jackson, David Grey)

“Liza Jane has a unique, soulful voice… and I think it’s something you could hear on alternative pop charts. Liza is on a great track, doing some real cool things.”-Brent Long, Tour Manager (Brad Paisley)

“She is one of those rare artists who can make whatever she sings come thrillingly alive to the listener and she does so by combining heartfelt passion and fine vocal ability.”-Gary Catona, Vocal Coach (Whitney Houston, Andrea Bocelli)

Growing up in Key West, Liza Jane marched to the beat of her own drummer, even if that meant she didn’t always fit in. Blessed with a voice that’s been finely honed through years of coaching and performance, Liza Jane has channeled the universally relatable struggles and anxieties of youth into a satisfyingly provocative musical package. She has won several statewide vocal competitions (often setting records in the process) and has performed Internationally in Rome and Florence. She’s opened for acts like The Doobies Brothers and Grand Funk Railroad and has collaborated with members of Little Feat and Poco.

Liza Jane’s music is profoundly confessional, with subtle atmospheric production traits, that when coupled with her unique vocal stylings, give the proceedings a quality that feels downright eerie. Liza incorporates the soulfulness of Alicia Keys, the brashness of Fiona Apple, the icy cool of Lana Del Rey, and the booming power of Adele to create something entirely her own. These are moody songs that slink and soar and groove and glide and now for a limited time only, you can download one of them for FREE!

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